Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Error while deploying the OAF page in R12.2.4

Error while deploying the OAF page in R12.2.4

When I am migrating the objects from R12.1.3 to R12.2.4 I am facing the below error.

Exception Details.
oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: Could not load application module 

The solution for this is, we need to follow below steps. In R12.2.4 the weblogic server was introduced. We need to create the custom jar files and it must be made available for WebLogic to pick it up.


Go to the custom path where class file is present


Bounce the oacore


./admanagedsrvctl.sh stop oacore_server1

./admanagedsrvctl.sh start oacore_server1

Bounce the apache

./adapcctl.sh stop 

./adapcctl.sh start


  1. Hi Sangu Patil,
    Mitra, I am working on vo exension on 12.2.4 created the vo extension,jpx and substitution locally through Jdeveloper and performed the following activities.
    1. Migrated the extended vo to $JAVA_TOP/XXCust/Oracle/apps/oie/server
    2. Ran the JPX importer (used the same command which is there in r12.1.3)...succesfully imported
    3. Checked if the imported done successfully by executing command jdr_utils.printdocument('/oracle/apps/ap/oie/server/customizations/site/0/TrackExpenseReportsVO');
    --got the proper output of standard vo replaced by custom vo
    4.Bounce the Apache.

    Still I am getting error as Could not load AM because Definition xxcust.oracle.apps.ap.oie.server.XXCustTrackExpenseReportsVO of type View Definition not found.

    Do we have to perform the above mentioned steps for Vo extension also.what could be the reason behind above error.

    1. Yes. You need to generate the custom jar file after that bounce the instance.

    2. could you explain me clearly with steps, i am also facing same problem.

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